What's our difference

FPP EDU Media prides itself on offering the highest-quality technology and most innovative student recruitment service with global reach and personal customer service.


We have always believed that student quality drives successful recruitment. For this reason, we continue to invest in strategically targeted marketing campaigns together with a solid screening process. The result ... high-quality attendees at our events, and engaged students online.

fpp edu media student fairs

In 2011, we were the first to introduce scanning technology to student fairs. In 2013, we wowed our clients again with our App allowing them to collect student data and have complete statistics on the events in real time. In 2016, we launched our cutting edge Virtual Fair platform.

fpp edu media student fairs

Whether you are attending our fairs, virtual fairs, or hosting a webinar, lead management is crucial. We give you the tools to immediately follow-up with students. Your FPP client area holds scanned student's profiles and contact details from all FPP events and online products.

fpp edu media student fairs

In 2014, we innovated further by becoming the first and only company in the industry to offer a rewards program. Our clients earn EDU-Points on all FPP activities. These accumulated points can be redeemed for fairs, webinars, email blasts, Facebook campaigns and more.

fpp edu media student fairs

What our clients say

Watch what our clients say
"FPP brings a lot of people from different cities from around the world. People coming here are really interested to go abroad, they have already read about the schools they come and ask specific questions."

Oscar Blanco
ILAC (Canada)

"I do FPP fairs so I can speak directly with the students and get an idea of what they are looking for and what the market is. The quality of students is excellent and I think that is very important because you do meet a lot of people at these fairs. But they’re very well screened so we definitely get bookings through it - that’s why I am here."

Blaise Barham
Southern Lakes English College (New Zealand)

"We’ve been attending FPP events in different countries for more than 3 years now. It is a great opportunity for us to meet quality students. They have a tool (the app) to do the follow-up online which is very helpful so we can keep in touch with the students."

Rafael Malagrino
Oxford International Education Group (United Kingdom, Canada, USA)

"FPP is not only the best education fair organizer, but is also an important strategic partner for us. They clearly prioritise customer satisfaction and since we first met them 12 years ago, they have constantly outdone themselves in organizing and managing education fairs.
Since 2014 we have been hiring FPP to organize our own event - AC EXPO - the largest education fair in Brazil for students willing to go to Australian and New Zealand. It has been a real pleasure to work with them and the results have been incontestable. I have no doubt that education providers may accomplish very good ROI after an FPP fair."

Vinicius Barreto
Australian Centre (Brazil, Colombia, Australia)

"We have been working with FPP for 8 years. It has been really good working with them, the organisation and quality of students is very good. We recommend FPP and EDUEXPOS."

Vitor Meneghetti
Hello Study (Brazil & Australia)

"We’ve been doing FPP for the past four and a half years, because of the quality of students. The number of applications that are converting are really good. It is part of our marketing plan every year now."

Felipe Rivera
Australian Option (Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, China)

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